A boutique home-based childcare setting where every child is given the tools and autonomy to flourish.

A little about

Wild Grace Nursery

Wild Grace provides a boutique home-based childcare setting where every child is treated with respect, compassion, empathy inclusivity and patience. Our philosophy and curriculum are a combination of various child development approaches focused on the WHOLE child. The whole child approach reflects a program that is structured to support development based uniquely on each child. The Wild Grace approach will meet children where they are. This is based on their development, social and emotional well being and any neurodivergent needs.


We provide Every Child With The Tools And Autonomy To Flourish



In an inclusive environment, we educate and care for all students, with everyone interacting on the same level.



Children learn through imitation. Exhibiting patience will teach them the appropriate ways to act and respond.



We educate on thinking and acting in ways that show others you care about their feelings and well-being.



Utilizing natural environments and natural materials allows for sustainability to occur.

Our Philosophy

At Wild Grace, our role is to give parents, caregivers and families peace of mind allowing them to handle daily responsibilities. We provide a childcare setting unlike any other, where every child flourishes independently with comfort and care.

Fundamentally, there is no single approach that works for every child. Especially when considering neurodivergent children and children with various development needs or trauma histories. Our approach is on the whole child, your child; every bit of that tiny human: their brain development, physical development, social and emotional development, and their awareness of the world around them.


The Wild Grace Program Includes:

  • Mixed Age Learning
  • Decentralized Learning
  • Freedom and Flexibility
  • Tactile Play with Manipulatives
  • Character Education
  • Creative Learning
  • Imaginative Play
  • Practical Learning Opportunities
  • Social Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Awareness
  • Cultural Competence

A Universal Approach to Child Development