Wild Grace Nursery School

No single approach works for every child


Our Philosophy

Wild Grace Nursery School was founded by two moms with extensive child care and child welfare experience. Through the years they both recognize that there is no single approach that works for every child across the board. Especially when considering neurodivergent children and children with various development needs or trauma histories. The inspiration behind the philosophy of Wild Grace is the whole child, your child; every bit of that tiny human: their brain development, physical development, social and emotional development, and their awareness of the world around them.  Taking all of these factors into consideration we have pulled from popular and less recognized development and child rearing approaches. We have taken various aspects of these strategies to develop a program that is completely unique. We are focusing on the CDC developmental milestones and encouraging children in our care to reach these through experiential learning.

Unique Programs for Child Development

Some approaches reflected in our program include Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and Forest School Theory. Wild Grace does not identify as any one of these programs, but has compiled many components of each approach to develop a unique program. We will partner with our parents, caregivers and families to identify milestones on the horizon and activities that we can do to support each child through development. The key to our approach is mutual respect, patience, consistency and empathy. Our program’s curriculum is divided into four quarters with three learning sections per quarter. These quarters and sections are to serve as guides to inspire the children to direct us in their learning. Some learning sections may be completed in a week and the childrens’ interest changes, whereas others may take significantly longer due to ongoing engagement. Wild Grace will continue to develop a philosophy and program specific to the children we serve and their unique needs. We are eager to bring this boutique childcare approach to the Northshore community. Our program goal is to support children through their early years of development as courageous learners. We hope they leave Wild Grace with confidence, understanding of their surrounding world and most importantly self-love.

The Wild Grace Difference

Wild Grace approaches childcare differently because we know it is much more than ensuring safety. The first three years of a child’s life they experience major growth spurts, reach developmental milestones and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. Here at Wild Grace we want to be a part of it all. We hope that as you enter Wild Grace you are embraced by the comfort of the home based environment. Our families will be met with invitations to play in an open setting nestled in the heart of the Northshore. Wild Grace strives to develop ongoing community partnerships where the children in our program experience the joy of civic engagement and experiential learning. With access to the local ravines and lakefront, our staff are eager to support the children in playing and engaging with nature in a sustainable and respectful manner. Our setting and program are designed to allow each child the opportunity to grow and flourish in a home setting.


A Universal Approach to Child Development